PaperBots Robotics Kit

The PaperBots Robotics Kit contains:

  • 1 PaperBots Robotics Module
  • 1 Motor w/ alligator clip points
  • 1 light sensor w/ alligator clip points
  • 5 alligator test leads

The PaperBots Robot Module is a relatively inexpensive “brain” for your PaperBots creations. (Exact price still to be determined, but the small batch prototypes are still under $50 a piece).

Module_Ref copy

It runs off a Teensy powered by Arduino programing. To get started, download the following:

A simple graphical interface for programming is being developed for Google code, Scratch and Modkit. More information will be added as this is developed.

For now, here are some Arduino codes that can be loaded onto your PaperBots Module.
Click in the box and select the code. Cut and paste it into the Arduino Environment.

Here are the pinouts of the module for your own programing.

  • Digital Input 1 – Pin 8
  • Digital Input 2 – Pin 7
  • Analog Input 1 – Pin A5
  • Motor Output 1* – Pin 2
  • Motor Output 2* – Pin 1

* The Motor Outputs go through an H-Bridge – Click for more info on H-Bridge control


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